You’ve just gotten off work, and you have a craving for crab and spinach dip. Your taste buds also lead you to think, “Where can I find the best calamari near me?” or “Are there any places that offer the best crab cakes near me?” A well-chosen starter always sets the tone for an entire meal, and sometimes, even for the day as the whole itself, which is why Griffin’s Surf and Turf cordially invites you to treat yourself to a complete delicious line of starters and dips perfect for pre-dinner or a late-night snack.


As we said before, the start of a meal must always set the bar high for what is to come, which is why we offer inspiring and sensational appetizers like crab and spinach dips and items that you can enjoy when you’re feeling the craving for, “smoked fish near me” or “baked clams near me.”


We have a fantastic starter menu that’s crafted to make a positive impact on your dining experience, with delectable appetizers to start your meal when you suddenly find yourself looking for the “scrumptious crab cakes near me” or just to give you something savory to pair with your drinks while you relax out our bar.


Prepare your taste buds to experience some exceptional Florida coastal-inspired cuisine. Please stop by our restaurant today, and discover our fabulous starters like our famous crab and spinach dip to start your Surf and Turf feast! Or call 772-266-4014 to place a carryout order.